About my world

About us

The 'Mochila Milano by Silvia Ferrari' brand was born from my great love for artisanal workmanship, for which I have had a passion since childhood.

After having worked for a multinational for almost 10 years as a buyer of luxury accessories in Milan, I returned to this love by starting to attend some loom weaving courses which not only refined my skills, but also brought me up to discovering these wonderful bags called 'mochila bags'.
From the beginning I never wanted to just sell them, but to tell their story and for this reason I left and stayed in Colombia for a few months, to get to know the country and the community that created them.
These bags are mainly made by women belonging to an indigenous tribe, called Wayuu. Their technique has been handed down for years from the artisans to their daughters so that they can all support their community which lives in a very arid territory located near the Caribbean.
Spending time with this population, talking to them, I was able to learn a lot about the mochila, a cultural exchange and an incredible personal experience that led to the creation of my first collection in 2014.

New accessories

Over time I have expanded the collections to include new models of mochila, made exclusively for my brand, and new products, such as some summer hats, baskets, home accessories, such as hammocks, blankets and runners, belts and bracelets, made by other communities located in different countries in South America.
Everything is carefully created following the same policy, in order to guarantee the best quality and aesthetic performance of the products, combining these precious traditions with Italian aesthetics and know-how.


With my work I would like to contribute to supporting communities in difficulty and craftsmanship at risk of extinction and to carry forward a message of culture, peace and collaboration between different populations and I would like to invite everyone to do the same thing in their own small way.
I ask you to continue following me to gradually discover all the collaborations that will be revealed...
Welcome to the world of Mochila Milano by Silvia Ferrari!